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Myst at MoMA

Myst was included in an exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, titled Applied Design which ran from March 2nd 2013 until January 20th 2014.

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Myst Comic Books

Myst: The Book of Black Ships

Myst: The Book of Black Ships was a scheduled four-issue comic book series published by Dark Horse Comics that attempted to shed light to the events that happened before Myst, and explain all the malevolent actions of the two brothers, leading to their imprisonment in Atrus' books. The first issue, titled "The Joining", was written by Chris Ulm and drawn by Doug Wheatley. It showed Sirrus and Achenar, with their first introduction to evil, becoming members of the Black Ships Pirates who ravaged the Mechanical Age. A notable blooper was the switching of the boys' names and characters. The publisher refused to correct the mistake, after which Cyan cancelled the contract. The second issue was planned to have the title "Betrayal" but the issue was followed only by a #0 prequel issue; due to the cancellation of the series, issues 2 to 4 were never published.


Myst #0, titled Passages, is the prequel of the The Book of Black Ships. It was written by Chris Ulm and drawn by Kirk Van Wormer. The story begins with Atrus writing one of his journals, recollecting his memories with his father Gehn during his childhood. He then proceeds to the main story, a legend of D'ni that he has heard or read, about the story of Varsil, the first D'ni Guildmaster who discovered and perfected the Art, and his apprentice Atak. His inventions were admired by the King but he was reluctant to give his daughter as a reward. Varsil went mad and vowed to take a revenge with the power of the Art.

The comic is out of production because it was frowned upon by Cyan, as well as by Myst fans, as the comic was not faithful or consistent to the Cyan spirit, and known D'ni history. The timeframe is vague: The Art was known before the D'ni arrived to earth. Basically, that's how the Ronay arrived to Earth. If we are to take the tale to happen before the Arrival and takes place on Garternay, then the name D'ni did not exist back then. Same applies to Guild and Guildmasters who existed even before their known history (no first one was ever conceived). No King "Clevis" ever existed according to the later revealed backstory of Uru (perhaps if the comic was accepted as canon, the backstory would try to be consistent to it). On the other hand, since the story is presented as a "legend", the reader can still enjoy it as an imaginary tale that was told among D'ni.

Pyst parody

"Four million people have trashed the Island... Now it's your turn!" - Back of the box

Pyst was a game published as a parody of Myst. It featured full motion video of John Goodman portraying "King Mattruss". Unlike Myst, which was freely navigable, Pyst behaved more like an interactive slideshow. The game featured both three-dimensional graphics and animated drawings. It was written by Peter Bergman, a co-founder of the Firesign Theatre, and published by Parroty Interactive. The original release included an original song, "I'm Pyst", performed by Goodman.

Pyst Island had the same basic areas as Myst Island including the dock, the forechamber, the fountain, the clock tower, and the rocketship.

A demo of a sequel entitled "Driven" appeared on CD-Roms of later Parroty Interactive games. Though graphically more advanced than "Pyst" (and allowing some movement), the game was apparently never completed.

Other parodies

Seen in 11th Hour, a video game in a similar style as Myst that came out around the same time.

Missed, screenshot from 11th Hour

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Myst memes

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