Since the release of Riven back in 1997, I have made a few attempts at doing a Myst site as I grew up with the series and learned to put up a page on the web. I even layed out a couple of designs, but never finished them. This site is a culmination of all previous attempts, covering the entire Myst series, the bulk of the work done during the series' final days in 2005:

  • April: Myst V is announced as the final game in the series, I start the planning stages, register, and get to work on a design
  • June: with the initial design and outline of the content ready, I decided to preview the site to the Myst community on the MystObsession Forums
  • August: 7 weeks left until the release of Myst V, I start the Final Myst Journey Countdown with a weekly newsletter for those interested in taking another journey through the previous games in the series leading up to Myst V's release
  • September: 22 days until the release of Myst V, I start the Ages of Myst Countdown with a daily wallpaper of a Myst Age continuing past the release date until each major Age was covered, the last Age: Earth
  • October: I posted the Choose Your Myst Journey feature after the release of Myst V to show players who were new to the series and those who have gotten only a taste of it, the different ways they can go through the games and series of books

The Myst series has had a major impact on me while growing up and inspired me to make my own stuff. I hope this homage gives you a better understanding of the Myst world so you can enjoy the games as much as I have. You can follow my other projects at