Myst Journey

About Myst Journey

I have made attempts at a Myst-related website since Riven's original release in 1997 which was around the time I started making websites! It wasn't until 2005, the year the last game in the series, End of Ages, would be released that I was able to finally finish a version I was happy with. And this is the result (with updates made throughout the years since): content spanning the entire series featuring hints, easter eggs, and complete walkthroughs, all the behind-the-scenes info available on the web, and details on each age and environment featured in the game along with its story.

There are several unique aspects to the site:

The Myst series has had a major impact on me while growing up and inspired me to make my own stuff. I hope this exploration into the Myst universe enhances your enjoyment of the games. You can follow my other projects at