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A large, flat sandy island characterized by towering rounded rocks and palm trees. During the D'ni Empire, a great gladatorial arena, holding pens, and trading house were built on the Age to exploits its one natural resource: red gemstones. These stones, found in the stomach of the aquatic laki for which the Age was named after, were highly prized in D'ni. Laki were captured and killed by the Kresh, the native people of Laki'ahn, in the arena to the great amusement of the D'ni spectators. The gemstones were then removed and taken into the trade house to be sorted and presumably sent to D'ni. The main source of power on the Age is wind; when a symbol is drawn on the Laki'ahn Slate the Bahro will make a sandstorm, thus turning the windmill and repowering the Age for around 90 seconds.

Edited from original source: Wikipedia