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Here Esher, a D'ni archivist who fled to the Age after D'ni's fall, experimented with the Bahro's linking powers. In a large stone building built through the island itself he kept Bahro in cages and, during his stay there, learned of their great linking powers and the Tablet that, if possessed, could control them. On Noloben, one can call upon the Bahro with the slate to make it rain for approximately 90 seconds, thus facilitating the movement of the Noloben Tablet to the Keep at the end of the Age. It is also where it is hardest to attract the Bahro, as the laboratory is guarded by their worst fear, snakes.

Additional Info

This Age's internal name at Cyan Worlds was "Siralehn". However, the Age's design was based on images that had circulated for years. It was already known to fans that the Age in the pictures was called "Noloben", so Cyan used that name for reasons of nostalgia.

Edited from original source: Wikipedia