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Edanna Age
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The Age itself consists of an incredibly large 400 ft. tall tree in the middle of a great expanse of ocean. There are three distinct eco-systems within the tree, starting from the top and going down: Deadwood Ridge (Upper, Middle, and Lower), The Forest, and The Swamp.


Edanna was one of the lesson-Ages Linked to from J'nanin. Atrus wrote the Age to illustrate the concepts of nature and the inter-dependence of elements within the environment; specifically, Nature Encourages Mutual Dependence.

Additional Info

This was also the first Age in the Myst franchise of games to be completely Nature based, thus there are no machines or other man-made objects present, save for the imager Atrus installed to continue his sons on their path of learning the concepts of writing an Age, and a trap used by Saavedro to collect animal skins. The original message from Atrus is lost, due to Saavedro recording his own over Atrus' original.

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