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J'nanin Age
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J'nanin is a small rocky island in the middle of an endless ocean, with a small lake in the middle. Three tusk-like buildings rise up from the cliff faces of the island, and one stands in a lagoon at the center of the island. Each tusk holds a linking book to one of the lesson Ages.


The Age of J'nanin was written by Atrus as the hub for his lesson Ages, Edanna, Voltaic, Amateria, and Narayan. He wrote these lesson Ages to teach his sons, Sirrus and Achenar the underlying concepts of writing Ages, and how certain principles governed the outcome of the Age.

This is the Age that Saavedro was trapped on for over 20 years, until The Stranger came along in an attempt to retrieve the Releeshahn book stolen by Saavedro.

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