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Narayan was an Age covered entirely with ocean, no land masses existing. Extremely large trees called "Lattice Trees" grew from this ocean. Large milky white spores, what Atrus referred to as "Pearls", would periodically float up from the ocean, through the cloud layer, and into the atmosphere. For the Narayani to survive, they had to capture these spores and graft them into the trees to keep the trees from collapsing into the ocean below. To do this, they would play beautiful tunes on "flutes" or "pipes" to lure these spores toward them, where they would then capture the spores with nets. This was a way of life for the Narayani. They had to constantly prune the branches of the trees to keep overgrowth at bay, and bring in new spores to graft as old ones expired.


Narayan is the culmination of the lesson Ages Atrus wrote for his sons, to show them the physical embodiment of concepts they needed to understand, were they to write Ages of their own. Atrus wrote Narayan to display to his sons the concept Balanced Systems Stimulate Civilizations.

Before Sirrus and Achenar destroyed the Ages in the Library of Myst, they tried to trick the young of the Narayani people into abandoning their traditions, which in turn would destroy the very structure that kept their civilization alive. Soon after, some of the trees fell into the ocean below, and the rebels of the tradition had realized the grave error they had made in following Atrus' sons. In doing so, they forced Sirrus and Achenar to leave. But one man, Saavedro, followed them, to ask them why they did such things, to ask them to fix what they had ruined. That is when he was trapped on the Age of J'nanin. When he finally found a way back to Narayan, he could not get past the Crystal Shield Atrus had installed, and thought his entire people to be dead. He then swore vengeance on Atrus and his family.

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