Myst Journey

Making of Exile

Unlike its predecessors, Exile was not produced by Cyan, it was developed by Presto Studios and published by Ubisoft. However, the game continued in the style of the previous games, allowing the player to navigate through imaginary worlds by clicking on prerendered images. On the technical side, a 360-degree panorama system was introduced, allowing the player to look around smoothly, with video clips seamlessly integrated.

The game featured live action performances including Rand Miller, the creator of the Myst series, returning to play Atrus once again, and Brad Dourif, starring as the villain of the game, Saavedro. Other performances included Maria Galante as Catherine and Audrey Uhler as the baby Yeesha.

Trailers and Commercials

Official Trailer
TV Trailer
Japanese TV Commercial

Concept Art