Myst Journey

Puzzle Solutions


  • Elevator mechanisms - First, standing outside the elevator door, zoom in on the lever on its right. Raise the elevator from outside. In Saavedro's journal are four diagrams that show the solutions to the four mechanisms in the elevator pit.
  • Rings of Beads - To gain access to any of the lesson ages, input these patterns: Edanna, Voltaic, Amateria
  • Reflectors - Line up all the reflectors so that the light from each one travels to the next in line. When you get it right, the door to the Voltaic tusk will light up in a rainbow. Press the buttons in this order: Yellow, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, Red.
  • Squee spore bridge - When facing the Edanna tusk door, take the ladder down two section. Over a few paces are three plants: a cone-shaped squee house, a water plant and some squee spores. Lower the water plant to make a bridge, then press on the bulb at the top of the squee house. Now go back up the ladder to the wall of squee spores. Here there is a large flower. Aim the flower here.
  • Barrel o'fun - At the farthest corner of the rock outcrop next to the Amateria tusk is a ladder to the control panel here. Hit the control levers in this order: L, R, L, R. Now make your way to the hole in the rock with the ladder up to it, go down the ladder and open the door down here. Go back to the control levers and hit them in this order: L, L, R, R.


  • Squee trap - When standing before the trapeeze plant, look to your right. Swing over to the squee trap. Use the device to raise the trap. Go over to the branch with the berries on it and shake one off. Looking down, roll the berry to the left, out of the way of the trap. Walk back behind the device to slide back onto the main path. Go back to the trapeeze and when you see the squee eating the berry, pull the lever next to you to scare it away and destroy the log blocking your path.
  • Mirror orchids - Standing at the thorny roots near the second siphon plant and the mural, there are two paths. Take the right path. Going along this path you will see three mirror orchids. The first one is out of your reach and you can't adjust it. The second one has no light coming to it. The third one is the main orchid. Aim the main orchid at the second one. Looking through the flower, it's the orchid on the left. Go to the second orchid and aim it at the tongue plant you'll see. Now go back up to the thorny roots and take the left path. Follow this path past a green-lit pool where the third siphon plant it. Siphon the electric ray into it while you're here. Continue along the path back behind the pool. Go across the extended tongue plant and walk up the mushroom-lit log. Continue walking up until you come to a yellow lens plant with a mirror orchid above it. Go around the front of the lens plant and adjust the mirror orchid here to face the back of the lens plant. Make your way all the way back to the main orchid from before. Now aim the main orchid at the first one that you can't adjust. Watch the cutscene with the siphon plant bursting, letting the electric ray free to make the pitcher plant release mama bird. After the cutscene, aim the main orchid back at the second one that you used to extend the tongue plant.
  • Lotus flowers - Go back behind the first lotus flower you see. The path is well hidden, so look carefully. At the end of this path is a mirror orchid. Aim the light at the stamen of the louts plant. Head back to the main path and continue toward the second lotus plant. At one point along the path there are two vines with white flowers hanging on them. Walk between the two vines to discover a shade plant. Make the shade plant open its leaves. Go back to the main path and continue along to find a large blue root with an obvious hole in the side. Instead of going in the root, turn around and walk behind the lotus plant here. At the bottom of it is a very large spore puffer. Make it release spores up to scare off the butterflies. Now head into the large blue root. At the end of the root you'll find yourself inside the first lotus plant you saw. Pull on the insides to make it call mama bird.


  • Hydroelectric turbine - First, go up into the control tower and make the water flow on the side of the turbine. Now walk over to the locked door and go down the ladder here. Open the maintenance door and crank the shaft up until it locks. Go back into the turbine and at the far end there is a broken window. Look through this window and push the blades of the turbine out into the open position.
  • Electromagnetic generator - Without moving anything else, push the top row 2 to the right, the middle row 1 to the right and the bottom row 5 to the right. If you messed up where they are, make window 1 (the window closest to the ladder) look like this. You'll know you have it lined up right when the window closes and the generator turns on.
  • Lava room - Up in the control room, lower the lava. Go down the ladder into the room itself. Raise the platform up. Move the gear over to the left side. Raise the platform up again. Go forward and turn the fan on. Lower the platform once. Move the gear to the right side. Lower the platform all the way. Move the gear over to the left side. Go back up to the control room and once there fill the room with lava.
  • Steam elevator - First, close all the valves. Raise yourself up one level. Close three of the valves here. Raise yourself up to the top. Close one valve. Lower yourself one level. Open one valve at the middle. Lower yourself to the bottom. Open three valves here. At the end of it all, there should be three open at the top, two open at the middle and three open at the bottom. Around the corner to your left is the main valve.


  • Balance - The counterweight should have 1 metal piece and 2 wood pieces on it. The fulcrum of the balance should be to the left.
  • Resonance Rings - Looking from the perspective of the control platform, the settings for the rings are as follows: lower left ring: 2, top left ring: 4, top middle ring: 1, top right ring: 3, lower right ring: 5. They must be set manually from inside the puzzle itself.
  • Rotation - Put the pegs like this.
  • Three hexagons - These may be input in any order: Balance (yellow), Resonance (blue), Rotation (green)
  • Pathfinder - Make it look like this.


  • Three poems - The poem "energy powers future motion" goes on the top. The poem "nature encourages mutual dependence" goes on left. The poem "dynamic forces spur change" goes on the right.
  • Fourth poem Make it look like this. You can't translate it without first inputting the three poems.

Submitted by Joel Webster.

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