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Mechanical was considered one of the later Ages visited by Atrus from Myst Island. Upon his arrival, Atrus met an old man who reminded him of Emmit, who told the chaotic history of the island. The people rejoiced at the salvation, and Atrus departed feeling satisfaction. However Sirrus and Achenar returned, to do much more than everyone had expected.


Many years ago, a large island existed where they were. This island had a large city, with many peaceful people. They had built a sentry-post on the east coast, expecting visitors to come. They had no means of transporation, meaning they could only wait for friend or foe.

Both came in the end. Friendly visitors warned of a fleet of Black Ships which attacked and destroyed all they came upon. Such was the fate of the island city which was ruined after an attempt at peace in the sentry. All were killed save eight, and two had died since then, before Atrus arrived. The once large island experienced rising water levels after the attack, leading to the creation of three small islands, the south being the largest. Atrus was informed of the return of the Black Ships, and decided to help the people. He brought his sons Sirrus and Achenar to help, which they did. They succeeded in building a rotating fortress which successfully defeated the Black Ships, probably for good.

Additional Info

This Age, like the other Myst Ages, is sunken and bears evidence of the murder of the six people living there.

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