Myst Island

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The main island has a dock, a library with a rotating tower behind it, a planetarium, a forest, and various other strange-looking features. There is also a little sister island with a clock tower on it.

Additional Info

This remained the home of Catherine, Atrus and his grandmother Ti'ana for many years, as described in The Book of Atrus. In realMyst, you can find a gravestone of Ti'ana in the forest part of the island.

It has been revealed by Cyan employees that the Myst island as seen in the game(s) is actually just a small part of the real island: in the game, only those hiding places for the surviving Linking books were shown. The island as seen in the game does not show the other book's hiding places, nor Atrus' family living quarters. These were undergrounds, accessed by the tower elevator (In the game, the elevator can only go upwards).

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