Selenitic Age

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One of the Ages linked to from Myst Island, Selenitic could be viewed as rather bizarre, yet intriguing. It was uninhabited to begin with, but nevertheless, scarred and barren, conveys a somewhat unwelcoming feeling.


Atrus wrote that the once grassy island was devoid of any large animals or humans. It was once a cool, soft place, with a large lake but a cataclysmic event of tectonic turbulence and a rain of fireballs from the sky forced Atrus to leave; only to return to a hardly recognisable world. It became a barren, hot, desert wasteland, with a large chasm opening into the ground. The most notable of things in this Age were the sounds as well as Atrus's underground tunnel navigator, which he used to explore.

Additional Info

The name of the Age is believed to refer to the lunar-like atmosphere of the island (cf. selene) but most likely refers to the huge crystals found in this age ("Selenitic" means "Of or pertaining to selenite", where selenite is a type of colorless, clear crystal).

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