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The Age derives its name from a ship which Atrus attempted to write into the Age using "The Art." He intended to use it for explorations, but for reasons unknown, the ship became "gripped" by the rocks and broken in two. Despite the immobility of the vessel, the boys and Atrus liked it because it was large, had cabins underwater, and was stable. This ship also led to the caves that later became the bedrooms of Sirrus and Achenar, Atrus's two sons.


Stoneship was an Age still existent after the burning of Atrus's books on Myst Island. The part the player visits was described by Atrus as "The Rocks," for that was what they were, a series of several sheer rocks rising out of the water, with two main caves to seek shelter. Atrus retold the story of how they came to be inhabited. First there was a boy named Emmit, who had always lived there since he knew. Second, there was Branch. And third, there was Will. Others came after Atrus and the boys built a lighthouse with an electric generator. The stone foundation on which the lighthouse was built has sunk slowly over the years, causing much of the lighthouse to be flooded underwater.

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This Age, like the rest of the Ages of Myst, is now uninhabited; its people are assumed to have been killed.

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