Myst Journey

Complete Walkthrough


Walk around the island until you find a note on the ground to Catherine. After reading the note, go around counting all the Marker Switches and putting them to the "on" position (lever up). Go to the fore chamber beside the dock and put the number of Marker Switches in the panel beside the stairway. Then press the button by the pool. You should get a message from Atrus.

Go into the library and put the red and blue pages in the red and blue books respectively. As you do this, you will see a person in each book. Look through the unburnt books on the bookshelf and sketch any drawings or symbols that you find. Now go to the map and hold the button until the line turns red.

Click on the picture of the bookshelf to reveal a passage. Go up the elevator in the passage. Look out the window to find where the book is and write the keys to the book. Go back to the library and press the button until the line turns red again. Do this until you find the locations and keys to all four books (Mechanical, Stoneship, Channelwood, and Selenitic). Press the picture of the door in the library.

Mechanical Age

Now go to the far end of the island, opposite of the library. Play with the wheels to change the time on the clock. Press the button and go across the bridge. Turn on the Marker Switch. In the clock you need to use the switches to change the numbers. Hold one of the switches down and the middle number will keep spinning. Once you get it, go to the big gears by the dock where you will find the linking book to the Mechanical Age.

First, go to one of the main rooms in the fortress until you face one of the thrones. Open the door behind the throne to get the red or blue pages, depending on which throne you go to. In the room with the blue page, play around with the imager there. Learn what controls do what and write down what noise corresponds with what direction.

Then go to the back of the fortress and press the button on the wall to lower the floor. Keep rotating the elevator until the symbol turns red. Then go back up and raise the floor. Go up the elevator, press the square button, and run out before it goes back down. You should be in front of the fortress controls.

The fortress rotates in four directions. As you rotate each one, go outside the fortress to find some symbols. You should come across four symbols, make a note of them. Go back to the south position of the fortress, and back to where you first arrived in the age. Enter the symbols you found in the puzzle board to get access to the Myst linking book.

Stoneship Age

After you've gotten both the red and blue pages to their books, go to the planetarium, make sure the lights are turned off, and put the three dates and times in the device above the dentist chair. Write down the pattern of stars that corresponds with each date. Now go to the library and find the book with a bunch of stars in the back. Find the star pattern and write down the constellation that goes with each pattern. Now go out by the birdbath and press the three buttons that have the constellations. The ship in the fountain should be lifted along with the ship near the dock. Go to the ship, enter the door and you will find the linking book to the Stoneship Age.

Once in the age, go to the telescope and write down the degree for the lighthouse. Then go to the pump (it looks like a big umbrella) and pump the water out of the lighthouse. Try all the buttons until the lighthouse is pumped out. Now go to the lighthouse and down the stairs. Pull the switch on the chest to empty the water and again to keep the air in. Now go back to the pump and press a different button so the lighthouse is filled again. Go back to the house and open the chest using the key. Grab the other key in the chest and open the door up the ladder. Go up there and run the generatoruntil the batteries are full.

Pump the water out of the two tunnels. At the end of these two tunnels are the red and blue pages. Go down the tunnel nearest to the telescope where you will find a half sheet of paper. Write down what you see on the paper. Then go down the other tunnel and, half way down, open the door on the wall. Go to the circular board. The whole board is of buttons that total 360 degrees. Press the button that is the same as the lighthouse degree. Now pump the water out of the ship deck. Go down there and click on the table to reveal the Myst linking book.

Channelwood Age

After you've returned both pages to their books on Myst, go to the cabin in the woods. Open the safe on the wall, grab a match, light it, and put it in the furnice. Then turn the wheel on the right clockwise. Once it can't turn anymore, wait for the clunking sound to stop. When that happens, turn the wheel counterclockwise until the fire in the furnice is out. Then quickly go outside the cabin, and quickly to the big tree. When you get the chance, quickly go through the passageway in the tree and wait until you come to the bottom where the linking book to the Channelwood Age is located.

The first you need to do in the Channelwood age is go to the rocky island, and turn on the hose there. Then pull on the lever on the generator that turns the windmill. Go back out and where you see the pipe turns into two pipes. On the device on the ground, use the yellow dots to line up with the pipe you want power to go through. The sound of water running means that it's going through that pipe. Get the power to run to the elevator.

Marker Switch Vault Access - Island of MystOnce you reach the second story by using the elevator, find the hut with the lever that opens the door. Once you pull the lever, go to the door that was opened and down the stairway. Channel the power to the stairway, go back up and use the elevator there to get to the third story. Collect the red or blue pages and write down the second half of the piece of paper you find.

Return to the ground, and channel the power to a lever sitting at the end of a bridge. Pull the lever and cross the bridge. When you come to the final elevator, turn around and extend the pipe out to the pipe on the other side of the bridge. Then channel the power to that elevator using the pipe you connected. Go up using the elevator to the Myst linking book.

Selenitic Age

Power, Power to Spaceship, Generator SwitchesAfter getting both pages from Channelwood, go to the brick shed on Myst. When you get to the controls, press each button individually and make note of the voltage for each button. Then press the combination of buttons that equal 59 volts. If you happen to go over 59 volts, you'll blow a fuse. To fix this, you must climb up the two brick towers and throw the switches. One is behind the shed and the other is by the rocket.

5,1,4,2,3Once you've gotten the right amount, go back to the library and page through the Selenitic book until you see a keyboard. Write down the keyboard and key with it's number. Now go to the rocket. In here you must press the key on the keyboard and put the same sound on the panel in front of the rocket in the same order as the drawing. You can do this either by memorizing the sound of the keyboard or by counting the keys going from the left including the black keys and then counting the same number of notes from the bottom of the panel going up. When you have all five notes put in, pull the lever. If you have the notes correct, a book should appear in the window for the Selenitic Age.

In Selenitic, start by looking for five buttons that represent sounds. Those sounds are dripping water, burning fire, ticking clock, mystical music, and fierce wind. As you do this, make sure to get the red and blue pages. Once you've pressed the five buttons, go to the wind button and down the tunnel. On the other side, open the contraption. Then find the sound for each picture. To do this, look for the landmarks they are by, and when you hear the sound, look at the arrow buttons to see if one's flashing. If one is, press it until none of the buttons are flashing and move to the next sound. After you have all five sounds, press the big button at the bottom. Write down the order in which the sounds are played. Then go to the brick shed at the beginning of the age and put those sounds in order going left to right.

Once inside, go in the rocket and hit the forward button. To continue, use the sounds to determine which direction to go. If you need to hear a sound again, press the button on the speaker. The directions you need to go are North, West, North, East, East, South, South, West, Southwest, West, Northwest, Northeast, North, and Southeast. If you make a mistake, you can always backtrack. At the end is the Myst linking book.


158After you return both pages from Selenitic, listen to the brothers in the books and do as they tell you. Once you're in the fireplace and you've entered the pattern, open the green book. Listen to the guy there. Now return to the library, and find the missing page. To do this, use the papers you found in Stoneship and Channelwood. Then return it to the guy in the green book.

This is the right ending, but there are three other ways to end the game. One is to return all the blue pages which gets you trapped in the blue book. Another is to return all the red pages and get trapped in the red book. And finally, going to D'ni using the green book without the white page will trap yourself in D'ni.

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Rime Age

Only available in realMyst.

First of all, you must finish the game the "correct" way. Once you have done that, you will find a journal lying on the floor of the library. Go to the very last page for some added information (in blue ink). Make a note of this page. Go to the room by the dock, and open the number panel on the wall. Enter the number shown in the Rime book (also the hologram test number which is shown on the front of the number panel when it's closed). The viewer should show a mountain holograph. Now press the button that was circled in blue in the Rime book. Go back to the panel and there should be a new area of access. Click on the bridge joint to rotate it.

Now go to the area where the joint now points, near the rocketship, and go inside. Enter the combination and press the red button. Go back to the library to find a raised section in the middle with the Rime linking book.

Once on Rime, look around and explore a bit. On the side of the hut is a gas valve. Turn this on and go inside the hut. Turn on the furnace and close the door to let the room heat up. Open the previously frozen door. Enter the elevator and go up.

You will arrive at a device. Hit the lever to change the color you want and the switch to activate the aurora-maker. Once you finish watching that, go back into the elevator and push the red button. Now go into the room and read the journal if you want for some info on this Age. Take the elevator down to another room. On the table is a note from Catherine. Note the crystals' shape/color. Go to the viewer. Click a crystal to change its shape and wave the mouse/hand over it to change its color. Enter the combination from the note. Push the red button to see a picture in the viewer and complete Rime.

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