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Spire Age

Spire Age
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Spire is the prison age for Sirrus. It is an enormous spire of rock and crystal surrounded by clouds, with some interesting natural weathering occurring. The clouds occur in layers. This was the first of the prison ages to be written, as well as edited with a nara linking chamber atop the highest peak.

The true geography of Spire is very surprising; the mountains actually float in mid-air due to an electromagnetic property of one of Spire's main minerals. Spire doesn't actually have stable ground; if you go below the second cloud layer, a strange green energy source can be seen.


Sirrus has constructed several inventions in Spire, amongst them his Rock-Ship, a floating vehicle which moves with the aid of several electricity conductors and many of the antigravity minerals in Spire. Others include his Spider Chair and Grand Instrument, a large, guitar-like device with vibrations caused by electromagnetic waves, and the Bomb Factory, a machine used to construct "bombs" that send out electromagnetic waves with enough intensity to destroy certain materials.

Additional Info

This was the age originally viewable through the Red Book in the library of Myst.

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