Gehn's 233rd Age

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This Age was the first relatively stable Age Gehn wrote as he was trapped on Riven with no way out. His previous attempts had all failed either because of his flawed Writing, or the lack of a power source for his Books. He called it his "233rd Age", sometimes referring to it as his "Office Age". As with all the Ages that came from Gehn's writing, this too was an unstable one.

The strange formation of the mountains in the Age are due to the sea, in the Age's history, being at a much higher level and very caustic. Over time it lowered, producing the "Upside-Down Mountain" landscape.

Gehn himself had to wear protective clothing whenever venturing out into the Age from his office built into a mountain, as it was very harsh. A large device atop his Office, somewhat resembling a dish antenna, was actually used to collect the sparse rain water that fell in the Age and then funnel it to a sink in the small bedroom that sat under his office.

Gehn's Age 233 served as a nexus for the Age of Riven, containing Linking Books to the various islands.

Edited from original source: Wikipedia