Riven (Fifth) Age

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Riven is both the name of an Age and the main island in it. Gehn referred to this age simply as his 'Fifth Age'. A lot of references to the number five can be found on the islands, including pentagonal-shaped architecture, for Gehn believed that the number five had some sort of magical power. Like all ages Gehn wrote, Riven was unstable. Over time, the main island of Riven split into five separate islands which continued to drift further apart. Originally Gehn had built a network of footpaths to connect these islands, but with the islands continually moving apart they were constantly in need of repair. Thus, Gehn installed a maglev vehicle to connect the islands.

Riven was very unstable due to Gehn's poor knowledge of the Art. At the time of the game, the island had already split in to five smaller islands. All but the Jungle Island were prohibited to the islanders. Originally Riven had housed an immense tree, but Gehn had the tree cut down in order to create his Books.

Edited from original source: Wikipedia