Making of Riven

Riven is the sequel to the highly successful computer game Myst. It was distributed initially on five compact discs, and was later released on a single DVD-ROM, along with a 14 minute long making-of video. The Myst style of gameplay in which the user clicked on objects in prerendered still frames and videos was maintained in this sequel; however, it was enhanced by many animated scenes. It is widely regarded by players of Myst and other adventure games to be the most difficult game in the Myst franchise. Riven was released on Mac/PC CD-ROM disks on October 31, 1997 and was later made available on a DVD-Rom disk.

Riven expands to and is based on the ultimate past and historical background of Myst, fully described in the three books.

The game contains a great deal of information on the culture and language of D'ni. The D'ni language was first used in this game, both in written form and spoken by Cho, a Rivenese person trained to speak basic D'ni phrases. The system of D'ni numbers is also introduced in the game, and it is necessary for the player to learn and read D'ni numbers to complete the game. There is also a system of symbols used for describing colors that the player must learn and apply to solve a puzzle.

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