Myst Journey

Complete Walkthrough

Temple Island

Leave the cage and look over the side of the cliff on your right. Now go up the stairs and turn left where you will see a gold room with image viewers in the form of beetles. The room has two doors and five passageways leading from it. The button to the right of the entrance rotates the room. Hit the button four times and you will be facing a dark wall with a peephole. Turn around and down the stairs on the other side of the hill. You will see a locked gate. Go under the gate and through the cave. You should be back in the gold room again with a passage leading to another cave.

In the second cave there is a lever on a pipe. These kinds of levers power various items on the islands of Riven, so turn it to point to the other pipe and turn back towards the gold room. Flip the switch on your left and return to the first rotation button. Hit it four more times. You should now be facing a passage to a back door on the right. Go towards this door, turn around, and flip the switch you see. Go back to the first rotation button again and hit it two more times. Now you should see the gold room with a passage leading across a bridge. Go across the bridge to the large domed building.

Follow the catwalk through the domed building until you come to another lever and a pipe. Switch it to other pipe. Follow the catwalk some more and you will find a third lever and pipe. Flip this lever also.

Now return back the way you came to the first button which rotates the room. Hit the button three more times, this will help you later. Now you can go away from the gold room across the bridge to the other part of the island. Go through the door on the left midway through the tunnel. Look around in this room and find the red and gold view portal. Hit the lever next to the portal and continue down the tunnel. Go through the room of pillars. Leave through the large door that the switch near the view portal opened. Hit the blue button to summon the Maglev. Once it gets there, get in and hit the lever on the left to turn around and the switch in the middle to go forward.

Jungle Island

Get out of the Maglev and towards what looks like a ball inside the rocks. Touch it and make note of the symbol that is revealed and the sound that it makes. Then turn around and go through the hole in the rocks. Go up the stairs to the chopped forest. Keep to the path of the right and you should come to a hole in the ground with a cart. Get in the cart, hit the lever and proceed to Crater Island.

Crater Island

Climb down the ladder and make your way out to the switch in the middle of the lake. Turn the lever so it is in line with the middle pipe. Now go towards the cylindrical building and up the stairs, leading to some switches with a window looking into the building. Turn the big wheel first, then look left and switch the lever where the single pipe switches into two. Turn to the window again, hit the switch on the right to the up position and turn the lever on the right to the up position. This gives you access to the building. Go into the building and down the ladder. Keep clicking through the darkness until you see daylight.

Get out of the pipe you are in and follow the mountain pass over the fence to the double doors. Go through the double doors and shut them behind you. Follow the path revealed on the right to go outside again. Look for a gray lever on the right of the bridge. Hit this lever and return to the double doors. Go inside forward of the double doors. When you get to a silver ball with holes in it, look up and climb through the fan vent. This leads you into Ghen's laboratory.

Read the book on the table, find the five numbers in it and write them down. Go to the door with the blue button next to it and press the button, then go out the opposite back door. Go down the path until you get to a Maglev that will take you to Plateau Island.

Plateau Island

Follow the pathway to the elevator and press the button to go up. At the top, walk forward to the map puzzle. The purpose of this area is to find the location of the five marble domes located on each of the islands. Press one of these buttons and turn around to find an extended pathway to the building where you can map out the islands. One is Crater Island, two is Temple Island, three is Plateau Island, four is Jungle Island, and five is Prison Island.

Once each of the locations have been found go back to the Maglev. Get in the Maglev and turn it around. Once it is facing the other direction, exit the Maglev to get to the other side. Go through the door and press the lever on the left to go up the elevator. Begin going down the trail and you will notice a man who sees you and runs away. If you attempt to follow him, you will see him get into the Maglev and take off.

Going back in and up the stairs you will find the underwater-viewing chamber. Press the level on the right. This device will show the colors representing each of the rotating domes. Pressing the button surrounded in the red outline will turn on a light. Note the colors and their locations on the islands based on the yellow symbols that are on the domes. Pressing the lever on the left will pull down another sphere with two pentagonal buttons. The left button will allow you to peer into the room Catherine is imprisoned in and the right button gives you a view of the lake on jungle island.

Now head back to the big dome by going back up the elevator and taking the Maglev back to Ghen's lab.

Crater Island 2

Go into Ghen's lab and take the other door out of the lab. Go right and down the long bridge leading into the big dome on Temple Island.

Temple Island 2

Once inside the big dome, follow the catwalk around until it ends and turn the wheel to raise the missing section. Cross the raised section, turn left at the doorway out of the dome. Hit the switch on the right to raise the bridge in front of you. Then go back inside across the section of the catwalk that was raised and go out the opening on your right. A section of the bridge will be missing. Turn around and hit the button to the right of the door to raise it. Continue on the bridge until you come to a door. Hit the switch to open the door and go through the rotating room and exit where you started. Hit the button to rotate the room two times. Then go through the room and up the raised bridge. Place the marbles in the grid.

Turn around and click the switch on the left wall. Pull the switch down and push the white button it was covering. The linking books in the spinning domes should now be active. (At this point, you may want to consider Alternate Endings to the game) Go back down the stairs and back through the gold room to the bridge and the first rotation button. Hit the button three times and go through the gold room back into the big dome. Follow the catwalk outside the dome but stop right before the path goes through the rock. Turn right and hit the button to be lowered. Turn around and go up the stairs and along the path to the spinning dome. Look throught the viewer and click the button on top when the gold symbol comes up. The dome will stop and open. Go up to the dome and enter the code you found in the book in the laboratory. Link to Ghen's 233rd Age.

Gehn's 233rd Age

You start out in a cage. Turn around to find a button and push it. After Gehn's speech, find the book with the most blocks on it and link to Jungle Island on Riven.

Jungle Island 2

Back away from the linking book and hit the button on the floor. Turn around from the sphere and go left up the stairs. Enter the small building and sit down. Hit the lever on the left to be taken up with a view of the village, then hit the lever on the right to close the bottom of the cone structure. Hit the left lever again and head back down the path towards the tree. Pull the lever on the right and an elevator will take you down.

Get out of the elevator, push the switch on the left and walk out of the fish's mouth. Follow the path and you will see a little kid run off. Follow her but take the path on the left where you will come to a large structure in the ground. Go towards it to find another ball inside the rocks. Click on it and make note of the sound and symbol.

Now, go back through the tree you came through and make a left. Go up the stairs through the gate and keep going right. Follow the path until you come to the village where the villagers will run from you. Go up the ladders past the huts and keep going until you see an alter and a submarine-like machine. Hit the lever next to the submarine.

Go back to the gate you came through into the village, but don't go through it. Instead, continue on the path and down the stairs. You will see a couple of sea creatures. After they leave, go towards the rocks they were on to find a ball inside the rocks. Click on it and make note of the sound and symbol. Keep going down the path and you should come to some ladders and another ball inside the rocks. Note its sound and symbol and continue down the ladder to the submarine.

The lever that moves in an arc turns the submarine around, the lever that slides side to side determines if the submarine will take the left track or the right track. The lever on the right makes you move forward to the next junction. Turn the sub around and move forward until you reach a fork. Make sure the bottom lever is at the right and move forward again. Leave the sub and ascend the stairs to a room. Move all the switches to the up position and go back down to the sub. Turn around, go forward, make sure the lever is on the left and move forward again. Leave the sub and enter the schoolhouse where you'll find a game which teaches you the D'ni number system.

Return to the sub, turn it around, move forward, check that your lever is on the left side, and move forward again. Get out of the submarine, go into the structure and pull the triangle in front of you. Click on the seat that lowers. You will be lifted up to a prison. Open the door by turning the crank on the right. Go into the cell and open the drain in the floor. Touch the water and a passage will open. Go down the dark tunnel all the way until you reach the water. Screw in the light on the left, turn around and go back down the tunnel slowly, turning on all the lights. Once you reach the end, turn around and go back down the tunnel. You will notice a door, open it and go through. Push down the stones you see in this order: Fish, Beetle, Frog, Sunner, Wahrk. Link into the book that is revealed.

Rebel/Moiety Age

When you get to the Age, turn around and head for the book in front of you. You'll get darted and taken to the large tree on the lake. Wander around your cell until a woman comes in and gives you Catherine's journal and the prison book you lost in the beginning. Look through the journal for a series of five numbers. You will need these later. The woman will return with a linking book leading back to Jungle Island on Riven.

Jungle Island 3

You will return to the room with the stones. Go back down the tunnel and pull the wire to open the passage back to the cell. Exit the cell and go right. Lower the ladder and go down it. Turn around and go back the way you came after lowering the submarine to where all the trees are cut down and take the mine car again.

Crater Island 3

Remember where those double doors were? Go there. Except, close the doors behind you and go left this time. Go down the stairs to the door. Open this door, go through, and close it behind you. Go down the tunnel that was behind the door and open the spinning dome by clicking on the gold eye. Enter the same code to get into the dome and link back to Ghen's 233rd Age.

Gehn's 233rd Age 2

You'll talk to Gehn again. Link into the book when he asks you to, he will take your place when he links through himself. You have just captured Gehn. Find the hole in the floor and go down. There is a silver device on Gehn's dresser. It makes five sounds in a row, either a ding, a clank, or a creak. Write these down in their order. Go back up the ladder and pull the handle on the right of the hole. Then go to the book with the least blocks and link to Prison Island on Riven.

Prison Island

On Prison Island where Catherine is, follow the path away from the dome to the end into the mountain. You will see three buttons. Each makes the same noise as the silver device in Gehn's 233rd Age. Push the buttons in the right order and move the lever on top of the buttons. Catherine will talk to you and run off. Go back to the dome and link back to Gehn's 233rd Age.

Gehn's 233rd Age 3

In Gehn's 233rd Age, link into the book with five blocks to Temple Island.

Temple Island 3

Once out of the dome, follow the path to the end. Hit the button, get on the platform, and hit the button again. Turn right once at the top and follow the path outside and then through the building. When you reach the door, lower the bridge with the lever and go across. Go through the gold room and out the other side. Take a right down the stairs to where you began. Go to the telescope device and look down at the manhole cover. Enter the combination from Catherine's journal and pull the handle to open it. Remove the stop from the left support column and flip the lever on the right down and hit the button to lower the telescope as far as it will go.

Edited from original by Tom and Gavin

Alternate Endings

After solving the Fire Marble puzzle, There are other ways to end the game:

  • Open the Star Fissure before visiting Gehn or Catherine.
  • Visit Gehn and capture him in the trap book and go back and open the Star Fissure without freeing Catherine.
  • Visit Gehn an do not capture him, and do not free Catherine, but go directly back and open the Star Fissure.
  • When Gehn holds the trap book up for you to go first, refuse to link. Return two more times and refuse both times.
  • After capturing Gehn in the trap book, touch it yourself.
  • After capturing Gehn in the trap book, return to the Moiety Age and touch it.
  • Touch the trap book when Keta gives it to you in the Moiety Age.
  • After Keta gives you the trap book, return to Riven and touch it before visiting Gehn.
  • Visit Gehn, then go to the Moiety Age and get the trap book. Touch the book before going back to Gehn.

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