The Cleft

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Also known as D'ni - Riltagamin (literally meaning "D'ni - Unknown," the identifier for all areas of this Age that the D'ni were unaware of), the Cleft is a fissure of volcanic origin near an extinguished volcano. It is near the old exit of the Great Shaft created by the D'ni a number of decades before their downfall, and as such offers a way in to the City other than by Linking.


After the downfall, Anna took her son Gehn with her to the Cleft, and established a living here, surviving from the careful capture of water and occasional trading with passing caravans. After Gehn's departure Anna lived here with her grandson Atrus, until he was taken away by his father to D'ni.

Atrus later established a home nearby, and there is a possibility he returned to live there at one point.

Additional Info

The novel Myst: The Book of Ti'ana implied the Cleft was somewhere in the Middle-east, near an evidently Arabic or Ottoman city called Tadjinar, but it has been revealed that it is actually in the desert near Eddy County, New Mexico, United States, on the property of one Jeff Zandi. Its location suggests that the cavern system that supports the D'ni empire is somehow connected to the Carlsbad Caverns.

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