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The city held several silos to store the food brought in from the various Ages. One of them, a grain silo, can be reached through the granary age of Er'cana. It is unknown where the silo precisely is located, but the locational markers on the Ki suggest it is inside the main Cavern, but far away from the main city, in one of the industrial districts which cannot be visited. This particular silo served to store food for the luminescent algae in the main Cavern, not to feed the people of D'ni.


During the time of the D'ni civilization, this Silo was known as Uran. It was the main industrial complex inside the cavern of D'ni and was built during the reign of King Me'emen to replace the old Nehw'eril District. Its construction was far away from the city proper to protect the populace from industrial accidents. This demand arose after a disease was imported into the Nehw'eril District.

Space clearance for Uran was begun in 5389 and construction was started in 5475. It was officially opened in 5500. In 5541 the district was renamed Ashem'em, in honor of Me'emen's son Ashem, a Healer who had died the previous year from a disease caught while investigating a new Age for safety.

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