D'ni - K'veer

D'ni - K'veer
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K'veer is the island in the D'ni cavern which was inhabited by Veovis' family. It is also where the dramatic events of the end of the Book of Ti'ana take place.


Gehn later made the island his base of operations in D'ni, and imprisoned Atrus here during the events of the Book of Atrus. Years later, Atrus' sons trapped him there once more, but soon after, the Stranger first met Atrus there at the end of the Myst game and freed him (and again during the opening scene of Riven).

In the beginning of the Book of D'ni Atrus manages with the help of the Averonese to open the crumbled exit of the room and gain access to the rest of the city.

Additional Info

In the game Myst, this place is referred to as simply as D'ni.

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