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The age of Teledahn was created by the D'ni in their year 8990. It features a long, mountainous ridge, with a swampy interior, dotted with large mushroom-trees. The largest of these mushrooms are several dozen meters in diameter. One is hollow; inside it is a hut, the main link-in point. From there, it connects to a number of long catwalks, which go to the source of power for this Age, a large, solar antenna, which feeds off the rapidly orbiting sun. From this power, lights are maintained, as is a gondola system, which connects to a processing chamber above the hut (and then to an office even higher up). Under the hut is a passageway that leads to some prison-rooms. From here, it leads to a back-side walkway, which connects to a little cliff that over-looks the back bay of the area. Another little tower built into the cliff suggests a secluded study, or perhaps a trading port (boxes still dot the area).


The history of this Age is revealed in a link to an office in The City: the office of Douglas Sharper. He kept detailed journey entries from 1997 up to the present, exploring his rebuilding of Teledahn and his research thereof. From his research, it appears that it was a gift for the Lord of Caterers, Hinahsh, on his 250th birthday, in the D'ni year 8990. When Hinahsh died in 9000, control of it passed to the Guild, and subsequently, Guild Captain Ventus. Ventus began the industrialization that is currently seen on the Age. After some amount of time, a man named Manesmo bought the island, and kept it in good shape, though he apparently started dealing in slaves, a nasty underbelly to the D'ni civilization. The underground tunnel and prison cells were used for this, and they would be transported to Rebek, where games for sport would be played out with the slaves, much like the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome. Major inspections into this slave trade were being performed just prior to the Fall.

DRC Age History

Douglas Sharper spent a good deal of time in this Age; much like Hinahsh, it is suspected, he became quite endeared with its quirky environment (and rich history). Despite taking numerous leaves of abscence, mostly during Christmas time, this is where the bulk of Sharper's DRC work occurred (though towards the end he had to work on The City). Sharper kept his knowledge of the slave aspect of this Age hidden from his superiors, like Dr. Richard Watson (and others). Befriending the translator Nick, he learned as much as possible about Teledahn (and then Rebek) without the consent of the DRC. Some of his notes in fact support Zandi in his outright ignoring of DRC wishes. Douglas also met the forty-foot animal, that would swim in the waters (but also breathed normal oxygen, he later found out). He named this animal 'Shroomie' (and all of its kind) because they liked to feed on the giant mushroom-trees. As Sharper had finished much of the restoration process needed on Teledahn by 2002, he had been recalled to work on The City, and only took brief visits to Teledahn after that (he also notes later that Rebek was subsequently shelved by the DRC — something that did not surprise him).

"The truth of a man is found in the darkness, beneath the surface. Some light might reveal only what some men want to be seen." - Regettavok Oorpah; Book 9, Entry 221, Item 24

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